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Nathan Adams

Breakroom Bromance

2018-01-16 09:35:00

Sean Page

Athletes Village Student Athlete Dining Facity

2018-01-12 20:04:00

Sean Page

Athletes Village Land O'Lakes Center For Excellence

2018-01-10 15:04:00

Hoang Tran

Band name still under consideration. Taking all suggestions!

2018-01-09 14:15:00

Hoang Tran

IEC Hotel visit - Ballroom near completion

2018-01-09 14:06:00

Naura Godar

Eric and Cal Lewis, presenting to the Urban Deign Review Board on how the new paving entry to the Civic Center meets the original design intent

2018-01-09 08:55:00

Naura Godar

Our very own Scotney Fenton is iaWia's member of the month! bit.ly/2m0Yn66

2018-01-05 13:50:00

John Birge

The second soup group is a huge success! Beat the cold

2018-01-03 12:10:00

Sean Page

University of Minnesota Indoor Football Practice Facility

2017-12-29 15:44:00

John Sova

American Cancer Society’s new Omaha Hope Lodge getting closer to completion

2017-12-27 09:54:00