Flint Hills Nature Trail Signature Bridges

K-99 Bridge

This bridge crosses K-99 just northeast of Admire and is a few hundred yards south of US-56. There is an existing concrete bridge abutment in place today, but that abutment is likely to be removed due to its close proximity to the road. We anticipate that an off-the-shelf steel pedestrian bridge – much like the US-75 pedestrian bridge – will replace what is there today.

The concept for this bridge takes its cue from the tallgrass prairie that is found in the area, specifically at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City. We wanted to recreate the experience of wandering through the tall prairie grasses, which sometimes grew eight to ten feet tall, and the ripple of the wind as it blew through the prairie, creating waves of grass like waves on an ocean.

Using gently bent steel pipes, this bridge recreates the ripple of the wind through the prairie. Carefully placed LED lights might highlight certain strands of “grass,” highlighting seed heads or mimicking the colors of the prairie fire.

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