Design Approach


David B. Dahlquist is a nationally recognized public artist and instructor at RDG Dahlquist Art Studio in Des Moines, Iowa. His vision for integrating artwork into the High Trestle Trail was competitively selected by committee through a juried "call for artist" issued by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) and its nine partners - the four counties and five communities impacted by the trail. As an accomplished artist and avid cyclist, David felt an immediate personal connection with the High Trestle Trail Bridge and the potential for creating a unique experience. He looked to the natural beauty and wonder of the Des Moines River Valley and gathered inspiration from the panoramic views, the depth and breadth of the valley floor and rich history of the region.

After thoroughly researching the area and its history, David used sketches and computer animation to help decision makers experience his story of the Bridge's integrated artwork. After reviewing a number of options, and based on input from the communities and other interested parties, a final design was agreed upon.

The completed artwork helps create an iconic, Central Iowa landmark - a destination for experiencing the art, the view, and the natural environment.

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High Trestle Trail Bridge Integrated Artwork designed by: