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Grimes Comprehensive Plan :: RDG Planning & Design

Grimes Comprehensive Plan

Grimes, IA

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Community Planning Overview:

Grimes is a fast growing community on the northwestern edge of Des Moines that is projected to more than triple in size over the next twenty years. To accommodate this growth the land use concept, developed with the residents of Grimes, focused on providing a variety of new housing types, necessary commercial services, an expanded park system, and a transportation system that connects neighborhoods. The city's existing transportation system is heavily dependent on a small number of arterial streets with few local collector streets. The Development Concept clearly defines a transportation system that is multi-model and expands the number of connections between neighborhood and community destinations. In an effort to create a more distinct identity for Grimes, the plan includes a concept for improving the downtown and surrounding area, known as the Governors District. This concept utilizes the abandoned rail corridor as a spine that will connect the city with community destinations and green spaces, as well as create new development opportunities in the older parts of the city.