Park Avenue

Omaha, NE

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Community Planning Overview:

The Park Avenue development plan is considered to be the revitalization of one of Omaha's most historic streetcar neighborhoods. The plan identified key priorities that, if successfully addressed, will help the neighborhood achieve a dramatically improved state of health and help take full advantage of its favorable assets. Improvements to St. Mary's Street, the entrance to the neighborhood and a one-way street with traffic flowing west from the downtown, was bounded by a vacant lot and a deteriorating parking lot. As a first step to implementing the vision of the plan a streetscape improvement project was implemented at this gateway. Improvements included new sidewalks, over 50 trees and a designated bike lane. The site also envisions the development of new housing that will anchor the corner and bring new life to a currently vacant lot.

  • CLIENT: City of Omaha
  • COMPLETE: December 2009
    • APA Nebraska Chapter - Implementation Award - 2015
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