An interview with Kelley Hoffman: Purposeful senior living environments (The Center for Health Design)

For more than 17 years, Kelley Hoffman has been designing interior spaces to enhance and enrich the lives of seniors across the country. Designing for all levels of care, she has spent nearly two decades playing a significant role in the senior living industry shift from an institutional model of care to one that is resident-focused and creates welcoming, safe, comfortable communities where seniors feel at home. Kelley has seen trends come and go and processes ebb and flow, all the while actively and enthusiastically contributing her expertise to the evolution of senior living environments.

Click the link below to read more about what inspired Kelley to become an interior design professional, the personal experience that led her to pursue senior living design, and to learn more about her thoughts on building a purposeful environment. In this interview with The Center for Health Design, Kelley also discusses getting started on a project, research, the future of the senior living design industry, and more.

How Building a Purposeful Environment Can Impact Assisted Living Residents, an interview with Kelley Hoffman

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