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RDG Dahlquist Art Studio thoughtfully integrates art into public and private spaces and the landscape.  We provide a comprehensive process to the visual development of projects by combining research, documentation, creativity, and collaborative decision making.  We produce artworks, both structural and ornamental, ranging from historic preservation to contemporary imagery, demanding the highest quality artistic solutions. 

Artist David B. Dahlquist directs a staff of gifted artists with unique talents and skills.  These artists represent many years of exceptional work and expertise in areas of specialization including:  sculpting and modeling in three–dimension, mold making, painting and design, glazing, kiln building and firing, lighting design, drawing and graphic manipulation, master and prototype development, and product development.  The combination of these skills represents a wide range of problem solving abilities in a variety of sculptural materials.

Commissions:  Many projects are done through a commission or contract process.  A specific proposal is developed with the client which includes a project description, design, and cost.  Agreements include an approval or change process and incorporate studio milestone reviews.  Collaborations:  The art studio collaborates with other artists, architects, and design professionals across the country.  Consultation and Education:  Consultation services include design, site inspection and analysis, comprehensive art services, and art master planning.




"Context sensitive highway design" considers the environmental, scenic, aesthetic, historic, community, and preservation impacts of a road project  to the public. David Dahlquist has specific recognition for "Art-In-Transit" projects, combining site research and documentation with the development of integrated art and aesthetic components.  David is a storyteller whose work is about creating a "sense of place" and meaningful experiences for the public.


"Every business is a stage," according to author Jim Gilmore.  Businesses today are investing in "themed" environments to not only engage their clients and make their experiences memorable and meaningful, but to also impact their competitive edge.  Artworks interwoven with architectural elements act as punctuation points, creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful.


Throughout this nation are uniquely designed buildings - monuments of architectural genius - each with it’s own story to tell.  Preservation of these structures demands a knowledge of the history of the craftsmanship, materials and techniques.  The artists at RDG Dahlquist Art Studio focus on research and site analysis, mold making (simple and complex multiple piece molds), casting, color matching, and development of surfaces.


RDG Objects is the integration of art in architecture and the landscape.  The decorative aspects of our stock products are an opportunity to connect and communicate.  They may recall history, demonstrate purpose, or tell a story.  The thoughtful creation and purposeful use of the "objects" may invite people to gather, linger, or wander.  It may inspire them to reflect, consider, or imagine.