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Elly Heckel

WNCC celebrates the grand reopening and ribbon cutting of the $18M renovation and addition to the main building and theater complex! bit.ly/2Z8S8yH.

2019-08-16 08:44:00

Elly Heckel

Water Works Park and Lauridsen Amphitheater offers a unique outdoor performance venue designed to accommodate a variety of community and music events. bit.ly/2H82qZK.

2019-08-14 15:13:00

Elly Heckel

Seniors Housing Magazine features the expansion of Northcrest Commuinty in Ames, Iowa! bit.ly/2Z1665N

2019-08-13 08:01:00

Elly Heckel

Our design team looked in history to thinkers like Charles Darwin and studied anatomical drawings to abstract the structural systems of the human body for the Palmer College of Chiropractic stair concept. bit.ly/2GZZn5K.

2019-08-12 08:39:00

Elly Heckel

Sustainability Strategist Pat Boddy joins Iowa State University for a two-day design workshop on Redesigning the Rural-Urban Interface along the Mississippi River Watershed! bit.ly/2GYcSCW

2019-08-09 13:55:00

Elly Heckel

RDG Principal and Urban Planner Martin Shukert goes over some of the transportation plan details with the city of Olathe residents. bit.ly/2GT8bdI

2019-08-08 08:01:00

Cindi Michelsen

Central College Peace Mall amphitheater is taking shape! Limestone seating to be installed soon.

2019-08-06 09:44:00

Elly Heckel

Rest areas and welcome centers are essential to travelers. Not only do they provide a place to take a break from the road, they can provide an amazing first impression. bit.ly/2K3gA0g

2019-08-01 11:16:00

Elly Heckel

Gearing up for Guide the Future of Park Ave & Leavenworth in Omaha today from 5-7pm! Our team will be facilitating the event with inCOMMON Community Development! bit.ly/2Yh9lKQ

2019-07-31 09:04:00

Elly Heckel

We are excited to join the Downtown Olathe Active Transportation Plan Concept Open House tonight from 4-6pm! Learn more at bit.ly/2YejMPb.

2019-07-30 10:49:00