Flint Hills Nature Trail Signature Bridges

US-75 Bridge

This bridge, located just north of the roundabout intersection of 75 Highway and K-268, is the most visible of the Flint Hills Nature Trail Signature Bridges. The steel pedestrian bridge is already in place, so this concept would add interpretive forms to make it an outstanding destination.

The concept makes this bridge a “billboard” for the Flint Hills Nature Trail. It would express the forms and materials like limestone that make people think of the Flint Hills. In addition to stone, the bridge enhancements will take advantage of the maintenance-free elegance of stainless steel.

The arcing lines that cross the center part of the bridge reflect the horizon lines of the Flint Hills. At the ends, limestone towers with glowing lights on the top are large versions of the monument signs that will mark the entrances to trailheads along the Flint Hills Nature Trail. Those monument signs were designed to resemble upside-down railroad spikes along this rail-trail and to testify to the limestone architecture found in the region.

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