South 24th Street Revitalization - Omaha, Nebraska
Charette - Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Central City Plan - Bemidji, Minnesota
Kearney Downtown Plan - Kearney, Nebraska
North Avenue Development Plan - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Park Avenue Redevelopment - Omaha, Nebraska
The Village of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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A community is defined by its people. Its future should be, too.

Where is your community headed? We can help you get there with a plan that builds on the character your residents value and improves their quality of life. From transportation, housing and infrastructure to recreation, entertainment and sustainability, we provide the vision you’re looking for … along with practical strategies to implement it. Our collaborative, open process also keeps the community highly involved to ensure support and buy-in every step of the way.

Experience Matters

When you work with RDG, you’ll benefit from decades of planning experience in both public and private sectors, including research, mapping and financing expertise.