Omaha Public Safety Training Tower - Omaha, Nebraska
Grand Island Readiness Center
Greenlief Readiness Center - Hastings, Nebraska
Grand Island Readiness Center
Atlas Readiness Center - Mead, Nebraska
Omaha Public Safety Training Tower - Omaha, Nebraska
North Omaha Readiness Center - Omaha, Nebraska

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When your facility performs well, your people do too.

Public safety personnel need the best possible environment to excel at what they do. Whether we’re designing for military troops, police or fire personnel, we listen and collaborate closely to ensure the facility fits their specific needs. From preparedness, security and community involvement to state-of-the-art training and technology, we deliver thoughtful design that maximizes your budget. Our goal is to help you recruit and retain the best people with a space that’s as attractive as it is functional.

Military Expertise

Our experience designing Army National Guard facilities gives us insight into everything from 1390/1391 requirements to Department of Defense guidelines. We understand how to foster preparedness and camaraderie.


Wiregrass Public Safety Center Progress Continues

Wiregrass Public Safety Ground Breaking