Ames Edwards Elementary School

Ames, IA

Services provided on this project:

Interior Design Overview:

This facility, at over 70,000 SF, has been innovatively designed to allow for the future expansion. Large common use spaces - cafeteria, gym, and media center - are centrally located, creating a crossroads of accessibility and curriculum for the shared value of both. Designers and educators came together to create a dynamic palette of interior finishes, selected to engage the students in their environment. Each wing of the building is designated with its own accent color to assist in wayfinding and instill a sense of identity and individuality.  As one travels through the space, they experience a gradient of colors shifting from one to the next - blue to turquoise to green as they approach their destination. The selected hues will also support healthy learning as they provide an enriching and welcoming environment that improves visual processing, reduces stress and encourages brain development.

Architecture Overview:

Engineering Overview:

  • CLIENT: Ames Community School District
  • SIZE:
    70,700 Sq. Ft. of New Construction
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    K-12 Education,