Arboretum Village

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

ocated in Omaha, Nebraska, Arboretum Village, an Immanuel community, offers apartment-style living for seniors age 55 and over. Looking to offer expanded dining options and enhance social engagement, Immanuel engaged with RDG to renovate the Arboretum’s common and amenity spaces. RDG’s design reimagines existing areas throughout to create a welcoming and vibrant aesthetic that complements residents’ active lifestyle. Mindful of the distance residents travel to reach various spaces, RDG’s updated programming reallocates activities in a mindful way, transforming what were previously large, poorly lit and underutilized dining spaces, into bright, energetic and flexible environments that are appropriately sized and multifunctional.

Interior Design Overview:

RDG's design transforms the library and wellness areas into new activity spaces, including an education room that overlooks the lobby space as well as a small convenience market off the lobby. The formal dining area can open to the Community Room to accommodate large meetings or gatherings or closed off by a wood and glass door partition. What was once a workout area is now transformed into The Nest, a place where residents can gather to socialize with family members and one another. A new light-filled gaming area called The Hub serves as a highly social space where individuals can come together to do puzzles, play games and engage in arts and crafts activities. Encompassing 48,000-SF across three separate multilevel buildings, the design creates a distinct color palette for each floor, as well as for the Arboretum lobby and adjacent spaces, making each feel like a destination.