Baptist Retirement Community, Henley-Mabee High Rise Renovations

San Angelo, TX

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

Located at the heart of Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo, Texas is the Henley-Mabee High Rise, an independent living apartment building that serves as a thriving center of social activity for seniors looking to maintain an active lifestyle. Seeking to enhance the experience of residents, Baptist Retirement Community and Buckner International engaged RDG to renovate amenity spaces within the Henley-Mabee High Rise. The resulting design, which encompasses 21,000-SF of space, transforms the building’s main lobby and dining spaces to improve efficiencies, enhance wayfinding and ultimately create elevated environments where residents can socialize and connect. Prior to the renovation, the resident lobby, which acts as a highly used gathering and living space, felt closed off and disorganized. RDG’s design relocates the front desk from a nearby corridor to a central visible reception desk, establishing a well-defined entry space. The design also opens the room and improves sightlines throughout, incorporating enhanced wayfinding to create distinct and welcoming concierge area. Additionally, the gift shop has been relocated out of vacant resident units into the west lobby along the path to the restaurant, a strategic location that places the shop directly adjacent to the visitor entrance to help increase foot traffic and gift shop sales.

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment Overview:

Interior Design Overview:

A critical component of RDG’s design is the transformation of the Henley-Mabee’s Main Street Cafe. The community is unique in that this dining space functions both as a resident amenity and as a restaurant open to the general public. In the time since it was originally built, the Cafe had become aesthetically outdated and the resident entrance lacked functionality, offering no visible or functional reception/concierge station. Today, the newly designed space offers a clear sense of entry for residents and incorporates local artwork and ceramics and signage throughout to create a cohesively branded, vibrant destination for residents and the community at large.