Burlington Aldo Leopold Middle School

Burlington, IA

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

A new middle school will be built on a new site that accommodates 500 students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  The building will include energy efficient window systems, and the exterior will be consistent with the timeless “date resistive” vernacular established by RDG and the Burlington Community School District.

Engineering Overview:

These two new middle school buildings house the district’s sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Both buildings include three story classroom swing, cafeteria, library, gymnasium and a theater. The mechanical design incorporated a displacement ventilation system which allow for improved indoor air quality with lower operating costs. Direct/indirect lighting was used for improved light quality in the classroom. Automatic lighting controls help reduce energy costs.

  • CLIENT: Burlington Community School District
  • COMPLETE: June 2010
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