Crete Downtown Revitalization Plan and Design Guideline

Crete, NE

Services provided on this project:

Community Planning Overview:

The City of Crete hired RDG to develop a practical plan for the revitalization of their downtown district that would use available resources to incrementally build momentum toward a self-sustaining enhancement effort. The downtown district serves as the primary commercial district for this increasingly diverse community of 7,100 residents, including Doane University. To connect with the needs and desires of business owners, RDG’s multi-lingual team went door-to-door to visit with each shopkeeper. This personal outreach was only part of an inclusive engagement process that helped generate a plan that enjoyed broad public support and placed energy behind the downtown enhancement efforts. To transition smoothly into implementation, RDG designed two primary catalyst projects to begin the revitalization process. The first was a public-private partnership to restore the building facades to the standards set forth in the Downtown Design Guidelines developed by RDG; this catalyst was specifically designed to engage private property owners in a transformative project and to access available grant funds. The second was a pedestrian promenade to connect the downtown corridor with the beauty and importance of their downtown park; this catalyst utilized mostly city-owned property to align community assets for the greatest benefit of each.