Dowling Catholic High School

West Des Moines, IA

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

One of the goals of this renovation was to “right-size" the classrooms to provide improved acoustics, storage, lighting, daylighting and technology, providing a homeroom for every teacher. We helped to maximize technology to allow for a more compact Media Center. The improved design impacted teaching collaboration by providing teacher team rooms within each academic wing and improving circulation between wings. We also designed new larger science classroom/labs with adequate storage and safety regarding electrical power and wet areas.┬áThe guidance offices and student services were relocated along a new central corridor for easier access. Rather than investing in temporary facilities to house students during the remodeling, the decision was made to build “shells” of future programs, allowing them to serve as temporary classrooms during Phase 1 and converting to those programs during future phases.

Engineering Overview:

The high school added a science wing, a music wing and a physical education wing along with remodeling the academic classrooms and media center. A Life Cycle Cost analysis was performed to determine the mechanical system's utilization of the existing central plant. The design included multiple variable air volume systems, fume hood exhaust system and a direct/indirect lighting system. The project was designed in phases vs. using temporary classrooms, to keep the building operational through the two year construction period. Direct/indirect lighting was used for improved light quality in the classroom. Automatic lighting controls help reduce energy costs.

  • CLIENT: Dowling Catholic High School
  • SIZE:
    12,850 Sq. Ft. Addition
    76,230 Sq. Ft. Renovation
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