Downtown Benson Streetscape Improvements

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

RDG designed streetscape improvements for the historic downtown Benson neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska, in response to a need to change existing street dimensions to create more pleasant pedestrian pathways and activity spaces. The major thoroughfares that run through the district were studied and re-designed to create wider sidewalks and smoother traffic flows. At major focal points, contemporary monument and gateway features are located to mark entry into and symbolize the development of the district. Streetscape elements, including stainless steel benches, cafe tables & chairs, plant pots and light poles are placed along the streets to unify a modern aesthetic against the historic building facades. Diversity in paving patterns and materials is seen as an important element to enliven the design. At the major activity nodes, a “maple leaf” pattern of colored concrete paving adds intricate detail for wayfinding while lighted pavers, along with colored down-lights from the street poles, are spaced at equal intervals down the major streets to give pedestrians a sense of repetition and visual interest while moving through the neighborhood.

  • CLIENT: City of Omaha
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