Excelsior Springs Comprehensive Plan

Excelsior Springs, MO

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Community Planning Overview:

Excelsior Springs is a community of 12,000 just 30 minutes from Kansas City. The city has a rich history as a resort community, growing in the late 1880s with a draw to the healing mineral waters in the area. This history, combined with the city's unique physical features, creates both opportunities and challenges. Past development patterns and challenging topography tended to divide the city into isolated sections. The community plan for Excelsior Springs was built on the city's physical, architectural, and historical features and knits them together into a community network that permeates the town. The plan included a detailed strategy for the historic but struggling residential areas surrounding the downtown. From the planning process, a concept for new housing was developed that included creating a mix of multi-family units in historic structures and new single-family units on small lots. The redevelopment of the area has led to a transformation of the neighborhood and significant reinvestment by both the public and private sectors.