Flint Early Childhood Education Center

Flint, MI

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

Flint was greatly impacted by the 2014 water crisis and community leaders are focused on rebuilding trust in the city and community by focusing on their youngest citizens. They identified reinforcing the dedication to early childhood as the path with the greatest impact on rebuilding that trust not only within the community but investing in youngest learners. Through the relationship with Educare Learning Network, RDG was able to collaborate on providing a new early education and community center to Flint. The center’s entry was established to provide a welcoming face to all who will enter through its doors.

Landscape Architecture Overview:

Using integrated site design and architecture to support the concurrent delivery of both childcare and education, the center is a promising model for optimizing learning during the vital early years. The desire is to celebrate the racial, economic, and cultural diversity of Flint while remaining sensitive to the neighborhood’s context and the City’s past. The building and site are designed to feel welcoming, inclusive, and accessible.