Greenwood Park - Jay Spence Shelter House Renovation

Des Moines, IA

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Architecture Overview:

The Jay Spence Shelter House at Greenwood Park is a WPA-era project originally designed in 1933-1934 as an open air shelter with an enclosed portion for storage and housing equipment. In the mid-1970s, the shelter was adapted to accommodate rest rooms for the park and pool area. The 1,360-square-foot shelter is constructed with a limestone wall enclosure and wood timber open seating area. The City wanted to renew the structure and provide a year-round gathering space for 40-50 park users and supporting amenities. To accomplish this, portions of the interior stone wall were removed and, due to the rotting and deteriorated condition of the wood timber columns, were reused as new supports for the open timber structure. This portion is enclosed with a glass system to retain the original openness of the structure. Restroom facilities were upgraded to current standards along with new electrical and mechanical systems, as well as exterior patio areas. A donor originally facilitated the ability to realize the renovation along with City supplemental funds and a donor wall was incorporated into the design.

  • CLIENT: City of Des Moines
  • COMPLETE: February 2015
  • SIZE:
    1,360 Sq. Ft. Renovation
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