Highway 151 Bridge Lighting

Dubuque, IA

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Lighting Design Overview:

Watch: Conceptual Bridge Lighting Video

Concept Development for the Dubuque Hwy 151 Bridge across the Mississippi River. The bridge is the elevated and highly visible link between the states of Iowa and Wisconsin. This classic bowstring-suspension bridge design establishes a graceful and iconic visual gateway upon entering the downtown Dubuque Business District after first crossing the recreation and gaming destination of Chaplain Schmitt Island. In addition, the illuminated bridge will be highly visible from all points of downtown Dubuque ( Video Example ). RDG Planning & Design and RDG Dahlquist Art Studio was contracted to explore preliminary design feasibility and budget analysis for the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation. RDG’s mission: utilize dynamic RGB LED color-changing lighting technology to anchor the arrival experience in Downtown Dubuque and create a glowing and ever-changing visual experience, seamlessly integrated to enhance the elegant and graceful lines of the classic suspension bridge design.