Humboldt County Memorial Hospital

Humboldt, IA

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

Phase 1 of the hospital’s 2016 Master Plan includes an addition to the existing hospital to house services currently provided in the freestanding Rural Health Clinic, as well as new departmental space for Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Public Health and the Outpatient Specialty Clinic Services. These services were identified during the master planning effort as areas of continued growth that had stretched beyond existing facility capacity. In addition to accommodating growth in services, the new addition also offers opportunity to advance the HCMH goals for enhancing community engagement, focusing on wellness, and staff and physician recruitment.

Master Planning Overview:

The Master Plan addresses near and long term visioning goals, affecting nearly all areas of the hospital, including Long Term Care, but primarily targets emergency and outpatient care services. It also offers opportunity to advance HCMH’s goals for enhancing community engagement, focusing on wellness, and improving staff and physician recruitment. The space need is derived from interviews with each service line, translated to a detailed space program, carefully vetted by the Steering Committee, and used to build the master planning  budget.

  • COMPLETE: November 2019
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