Inasmuch Foundation - Oklahoma City Educare

Oklahoma City, OK

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Architecture Overview:

This 200 student Educare facility is located adjacent to a proposed new 750 student elementary school. A "front porch" serves as an invitation for the community to take advantage of facilities such as a large training room and multi-purpose space. The project is part of the MAPS program which focuses on investment in community education.

Interior Design Overview:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

Lighting Design Overview:

Sustainability Overview:

Oklahoma City Educare represents a step forward in the design and construction of early childhood education spaces in Oklahoma. Educare is a group of likeminded research-based educational facilities throughout the country. The site is a reclaimed Brownfield in a residential neighborhood that was originally used like most of Oklahoma City - as a site for multiple oil derricks. The site includes storm water detention areas to drastically reduce the amount of runoff and control water issues which have plagued the neighborhood. The building envelope contains highly-insulated walls and roofs with several different finish materials, including local brick.Glazing systems have been designed to allow for great views while still controlling solar heat. At areas of extreme exposure, such as the large window areas at the south wall of the multi-purpose room, semi-opaque film (second surface of the exterior pane) is used as a cost-effective solar glare control technique. East and west facing glazing is protected by deep overhangs. At grade level, a majority of this glazing occurs at covered porch areas serving the primary purpose of allowing outdoor play for the children year round. The great window to the community opens to the north, creating the primary entrance as a terminus to an entry 'porch' which will have benches, plantings, and lighting to give a more residential feel to the facility.

  • CLIENT: Inasmuch Foundation
  • COMPLETE: June 2009
  • SIZE:
    Playground Area 27,660 sq ft
  • SUSTAINABLE: Certified LEED for New Construction v2.2 - Certified
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