Iowa Department of Public Safety - "Hand and Land: Fingerprint"

Des Moines, IA

Services provided on this project:

Art Studio Overview:

This comprehensive installation is based upon the human hand and its relationship to the landscape. Two “fingerprint” columns flank the main entrance. Exterior terra cotta Echo-Blocks ® at the entry are modeled with various “hand” symbols and names of the respective Department of Public Safety divisions. Inside, visitors are greeted by lighted text bulkheads cut from steel. The interior leaded stained-glass window is the central integrated feature of the comprehensive artistic installation, based on an actual human fingerprint. Wayfinding is provided by logo signage panels of contemporary icons marking each division of Public Safety.

Lighting Design Overview:

  • COMPLETE: June 2007
  • SIZE:
    14' exterior columns at entry, relief modeled terra cotta, interior stained-glass window 9'x24', & wayfinding/signage symbols throughout building.
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