Iowa Events Center - Interior Architecture

Des Moines, IA

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

Major conventions and other large events have a dynamic, appealing new Des Moines home in this commanding facility. RDG's designs for the interior architecture emphasize openness, ease of use, and rural heritage. From the meeting rooms, private viewing suites, and community restaurant, to the 100,000 square foot exhibition hall and 16,000-seat arena, the interior architecture speaks about quality of life in Iowa. In addition to designing and documenting most everything you see on the interior of the buildings (with the exception of the primary seating bowl), RDG also served as the team's governmental liaison for this politically charged project, balancing the needs of multiple governmental agencies, helping them come to resolution on site and project scope.  

  • CLIENT: Polk County
  • COMPLETE: September 2005
  • SIZE:
    650,000 Sq. Ft. of New Construction
    • Atlanta Sports Council - Horizon Award for Best New Sports Facility - 2005
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The vision of what this building can and will do has already started coming to fruition.

- Angela Connolly, Polk County Board of Supervisors