Lewis & Clark Trail Master Plan

Western Iowa, IA

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Community Planning Overview:

The goal of the Lewis and Clark Trail Study was to develop a master plan for a multi-use trail that traces the path forged by the Corps of Discovery through the Missouri River Valley more than 200 years ago. Identified by the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) as one of Iowa's five trails of significance for the state, the project is an important step in the development of trail networks within western Iowa. RDG worked with the Iowa DOT and the communities along the proposed route to plan a network of trails that knit together roads, waterways, parks, greenways, towns, businesses and attractions into a network that would allow a variety of users to discover the beauty and history of western Iowa. The goal of this network is to strengthen the economies of communities involved, provide wonderful individual and family experiences, improve health and wellness, and build a greater understanding of the region and its assets.

  • CLIENT: Iowa Department of Transportation
  • COMPLETE: August 2010
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