Lutheran Church of Hope

West Des Moines, IA

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

The design of this welcoming, lively church property is intended to express and strengthen the congregation’s spirit of "reaching out" and being "Christ-centered." The building itself is intended to be evangelistic, its energetic form inviting "seekers" by expressing the Holy Spirit in a contemporary - not traditional - way. The building and parking areas are organized around a center drum, topped by a skylight and cross that are beacons to the surrounding residential community. All entrances follow the cross in plan and lead people to the center - the gathering place - the community space of the church.  Designed as a multi-phased project: Phase 1: Design Began: Dec 1989 :: Square Footage: 37,500 :: Project Cost: $4,530,000 Phase 2: Design Began:  Dec 2002 :: Square Footage: 42,700 ::  Project Cost:  $4,600,000  Phase 3: Design Began: 2007 :: Square Footage:71,000 :: Project Cost: $14,000,000

Engineering Overview:

This project included adding a 2,500 seat worship space, kitchen, classrooms and the addition to, and renovation of, the existing worship space. The space conditioning included a heating and cooling systems incorporating a chiller, boiler and a heat reclaim air handling unit. Electrical design included audio visual systems to enhance and distribute presentations to other areas of the building, datacom and telecom systems. Lighting systems included ambient lighting and theatrical lighting for the stage area to support various types of productions. Phasing of the additions/renovations included maintaining operation of the building functions during the 18 month construction period.

Lighting Design Overview:

The design of this welcoming, lively church property is intended to express and strengthen the congregation’s spirit of “reaching out” and being “Christ - centered.”   The lighting systems serve multiple functions for the church ranging from contemporary worship high in video production uses, to concert tours and smaller more meditative evening services.  Theatrical lighting techniques were employed- installed within a series of catwalks concealed above the complex ceiling cloud arrangements.  House lighting fixtures were also mounted to the catwalks allowing for easy access for maintenance and lamp changes. A theatrical dimming system operates the gathering and worship spaces allowing for both preset scenes and/ or independent "custom" shows created using the remote DMX consoles.  Gathering space lighting was accomplished thru decorative fluorescent fixtures which react to changing daylighting conditions in these areas.  The scale and location of the fixtures mirrors the gathering of worshipers as they come from different locations to a single gathering place to worship.

  • CLIENT: Lutheran Church of Hope Congregation
  • COMPLETE: January 2000
  • SIZE:
    37,000 Sq. Ft. of New Construction
    • AIA Central States Region - Merit Award - 2001
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