Norfolk Downtown Housing Study

Norfolk, NE

Services provided on this project:

Community Planning Overview:

The 2001 Norfolk Comprehensive Plan, prepared by RDG, envisioned the district as a niche center of entertainment, specialty shopping, and apartment living. Over the following years, the City, business owners, and economic development interests strived to achieve this vision. Traffic patterns were changed and streetscape improvements were made, energizing the district and attracting new restaurants and private investment to the downtown. The piece of the vision that had not been fully advanced was downtown housing. The desire to continue to bring more life and activity to the district combined with a growing demand for quality rental units led community leaders to initiate the Housing Feasibility Study. The study identifies the potential market for new housing and opportunities to capture that market. Through a community and market-driven process, the plan envisions new housing opportunities that strengthen the urban experience of the downtown and increase the quality and value of the surrounding areas.