Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

  • Architecture,
  • Furniture Fixtures and Equipment,
  • Interior Design,
  • Landscape Architecture,
  • Master Planning,

Architecture Overview:

The NorthStar foundation was founded in late 2007 to address the critical, unmet needs of North Omaha’s young males - beginning in the fifth grade - with the goal of successfully building them into healthy, educated, employed contributors to the community.   The new facility, housing three classrooms, two gyms, and several breakout areas, allows students the ability to study, complete homework, and socially engage. The classrooms were designed more as labs than traditional classrooms, allowing students the ability to participate in programs and projects that are not found in area schools, such as robotics, art, and computer design – all of which provide new opportunities for the young men in the neighborhood.   Re-fraction is the sudden change in direction of light as it passes through a medium, and is used in the design to represent NorthStar’s efforts to enhance and provide a better path for the young men in their program. An articulated glass prism composed of various angles creates a large volume that connects the double-gymnasium, climbing wall, classrooms, and office spaces. Within the prism, the experience of refraction is further enhanced through a series of bulkheads that extend and re-enforce the basic shape of the glass prism. The use of custom-fritted glass along the perimeter of the prism allows the space to change as light refracts along the faces of the various surfaces within the prism.

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment Overview:

Interior Design Overview:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

Master Planning Overview:

  • CLIENT: NorthStar Foundation
    • MarCom Awards - Honorable Mention - Brochure Fundraising - 2012
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