Retail Corporate Headquarters

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

Interior Design Overview:

A former retail store, the company's previous corporate headquarters was converted into a space where most employees worked in generous private offices that limited collaboration and communication. Looking to challenge their culture of disconnectedness, they aspired to create an open environment to fully embrace their brand and mission. For direction in creating a collaborative space, the RDG design team researched the company and its brand, finding inspiration from their tagline 'Something Unexpected'. While the team worked to fulfill the client's operational needs, this connection to brand provided comfort during the shift of culture. A major step in redefining the corporate environment, all associates - including leaders - were moved to modestly sized workstations, creating an egalitarian environment. Unified private work spaces allow associates to explore new ways to work throughout their office. Many of these spaces were designed to resemble residential environments to offer comfort and relaxation to users in their work atmosphere. Other areas of the new office provide technology-enhanced meeting spaces to enhance efficiency and creativity among associates. The diversity in work space throughout the facility was designed to spark imaginative thought and foster imaginative collaboration. From a visual perspective, unexpected, bold bands of color in the ceiling connect work spaces and departments, and encourage associates to move throughout the entire office. A sculptural central staircase and conference rooms act as the hub for circulation and collaboration, connecting each floor and promote impromptu interactions.

Architecture Overview:

Graphic Design Overview:

Through the design of a new headquarters, this retail store company looked to challenge their current culture of separation—the majority of employees had private offices—and aspired to create an open, collaborative spirit to embrace their brand and mission. Our scope of work was to craft unique graphics for twenty-one installation locations across a two-story open-concept office space. To reflect their corporate culture, the graphics needed to be fun, bright, and energetic. The concept of “exchange” became the connective thread between the company’s culture and the graphic direction. Choosing to stay away from imagery related to company advertising, marketing messages, retail store product, RDG’s design team identified an exciting direction that moved past the expected. RDG utilized brand words from the company’s mission statement and core values in over-sized wall applications. With the interior design team, a palette of five vibrant colors was selected for all interior finishes, including the environmental graphics. With the addition of a circle pattern motif, the overall theme creates unity across the twenty-one graphics, yet allowed for variety of scale. The abstract patterning also purposefully marries the owner’s selection of modern art that shares space with the environmental graphics.

  • CLIENT: Confidential, per client
  • COMPLETE: March 2014
  • SIZE:
    70,000 Sq. Ft. of New Construction
    • IIDA Great Plains Chapter - Award for Corporate Category - 2015
    • IIDA Great Plains Chapter - Honor Award for Branded Environment - 2015
    • IIDA Great Plains Chapter - Best in Show - 2015
    • ADDY - Professional Silver Award for Corporate Headquarters Brand Graphics - 2015
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