Saint Ambrose University - Ambrose Hall & LeClaire Hall Restoration

Davenport, IA

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Architecture Overview:

Dating back to 1885, this building has been the central focus of the campus since the college was founded. Originally housing all of the academic functions, including classrooms, chapel, gymnasium, and dormitories, it was last restored in 1977 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. RDG compiled the building's existing conditions and history in the form of a Historic Structure Report. Upon completion of the report, the restoration began. This included removal of 1950s era remodeling of the distinctive mansard slate roofs and replicating these roofs based on slates discovered on site and historic photographs. The damage to the windows was determined to be extensive, so new windows replicating the original design and details, were installed. The central clock tower is also restored, with new slate roofing, window details and a clock. Massive damage was discovered on many areas of the original brickwork, as well as at the original sandstone foundation walls and has been repaired with matching materials. The original cornerstone, laid in 1885, which had nearly eroded away, has been replicated also.    

  • CLIENT: Saint Ambrose University
  • COMPLETE: August 2014
    • Preservation Iowa - "Preservation at It's Best" Excellence in Hisoric Preservation - 2015
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