Scott Technology Center

Omaha, NE

Services provided on this project:

Interior Design Overview:

Prior to the renovation, public spaces in the interior of the Scott Technology Center (STC) were dated, in need of enhanced lighting conditions, and reminiscent of a solemn, almost medical office feel of the 1980s. The owner desired an environment reflective of the STC occupants and users. Talented entrepreneurs and start-ups working together in a creative incubator, and energetic students in search of fresh and vibrant collaborative space in which to engage and interact. To refresh the lobby entrance, waiting areas, and long dull corridors, designers worked to create bright, open areas for users to meet up, work together, and socialize outside of typical offices, classrooms, and conference rooms. Designers modernized lighting and finishes to infuse energy and inspire creativity and incorporated furniture to invite collaboration in a brighter, more comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. Achieving the ideal outcome for the client also included a survey sent to building occupants. Assessing their visions and desires for the public areas in the STC offered designers insight as to how best create the ideal collaboration spaces for the STC and its users.

Graphic Design Overview:

Graphic Design Overview:

  • CLIENT: Scott Technology Center
  • COMPLETE: May 2016
  • SIZE:
    4,500 Sq. Ft. Renovation
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