South Kansas Avenue Improvements

Topeka, KS

Services provided on this project:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

An active public process was a critical component to this design process, including a Project Advisory Committee, a continuous on-site presence through a regularly staffed Design Center on Kansas Avenue, and a host of activities including a well-attended open house. At the open house participants used "Topeka Streetscape Bucks" to vote on priorities and images that they preferred as well as receiving information about the design studio and recurring update meetings. The resulting master plan, developed around the theme of "To the Stars" gave form and shape to a new identity for the district that will be carried out through new pavement, lighted iconic streetscape markers, a ceiling of lights and custom light bollards and catenary poles.

Community Planning Overview:

  • CLIENT: Topeka, KS
  • SIZE:
    7 blocks
    • ASLA Great Plains Chapter - Merit Award - 2013
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    Urban Design,