U.S. 69 Corridor Management Plan

Fort Scott, KS

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Community Planning Overview:

The US 69 Corridor Management Plan, prepared by RDG and Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, establishes a unified vision to guide public and private development along the US 69 corridor in southern Bourbon County. The vision defines a framework for transportation and land use decisions through the year 2040, based on the opportunities and challenges that affect the nature and extent of potential improvements. The study evaluates future traffic operations to determine if and how the existing US 69 alignment can continue to provide safe and efficient travel well into the future. The implementation of this plan addresses both the local community needs and regional travel demands, and guides transportation and land development decisions. It also sets forth quantitative and qualitative performance measures to help decision makers identify when this highway segment fails to meet operational or safety standards or driver expectations. The plan is designed to protect existing and future highway investments while acknowledging that external influences also contribute to the corridor’s long-term use. The purpose of the plan is to achieve the following: Deliver a safe and efficient highway system by matching improvement with available resources to support Kansas' economic opportunities Provide reasonable, safe access and efficient movements for adjacent businesses and other types of development Envision a major highway corridor as a resource that improves the quality of the built and natural environments, creates new investment opportunities, reinforces other community systems and priorities, and supports active transportation modes

“You will see a remarkable, workable document that can be an incredible benefit to our home town area.”

- Dale Bunn, Director of Economic Development, City of Fort Scott