University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse, Roger Harring Stadium & Veteran's Memorial Field Complex

La Crosse, WI

Services provided on this project:

Architecture Overview:

The new 6,000 seat stadium and fields complex is a memorial to Wisconsin’s veterans. The complex accommodates the varied needs of football, track & field, soccer and recreational sports. The brick and stone facade reflects a Collegiate Classical architectural style, the dominant style of the La Crosse campus. The asymmetrical design provides 6,000 home side seats, with adequate seating centered on the 50 yard line (football), and on the common finish line (Track & Field). New fields accommodate athletic practice needs and recreation venues for competitive intramural and sports club play, while also creating a new venue for UWL Soccer. Support facilities for the stadium are wrapped in the same fabric of this design.

  • CLIENT: University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse
  • COMPLETE: August 2009
  • SIZE:
    6,000 Permanent Seats, 2,000 Temporary Seats for T&F Events
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