Wauwatosa North Avenue Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan

Wauwatosa, WI

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Community Planning Overview:

Many people who love North Avenue in Wauwatosa believe that it fell short of its potential. They feel that its long-term success was in seeing the East Tosa district as a destination - a place where people go, rather than move through. One of the most difficult challenges in accomplishing this vision is North Avenue's length, as it is difficult to maintain cohesion in a 16-block linear district. Yet, many of the plan’s recommendations are being realized amidst a healthier economy, including streetscape enhancements with better circulation and bike lanes, new retail and restaurants, and a new public plaza on 69th Street. North Avenue in Wauwatosa, a first-tier suburb of Milwaukee, is a mixed-use community street, remarkable for showcasing a variety of goods, services, food, and experiences. North Avenue is truly a street of pleasant surprises and great diversity. Its offerings include fast food and fine dining; friendly neighborhood pubs and iconic neighborhood bakeries and coffee shops; clothes, bikes, Milwaukee’s best malts and best pizza; fine guitars; African art; and much more – all on the district’s 16 blocks. The vision statement of the plan, which is now being realized by the North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance, expresses the potential of the district succinctly. "East Tosa is a progressive, walkable, urban community offering niche shopping and dining experiences interconnecting with vibrant, established neighborhoods."