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Spray Booth
South Omaha Streetscape Revitalization - Omaha, Nebraska
VIDEO - Night Lights: Healing Shelters - Rochester, Minnesota
Do Something GOOD for Your Neighbor - Lake Como Park, Fort Worth, TX
Vessel - Cherry Street & Manhattan Boulevard Roundabout, Toledo, Ohio
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Iowa DOT - Adair Rest Area Video
Gather - Adams County Human Services Center
Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa
Convergence - Marston Welcome Center - Marston, Missouri
VIDEO - From Here to There: High Trestle Trail Bridge - Madrid, Iowa

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The work of the Art Studio, lead by Artist Matt Niebuhr with team Artist David Dahlquist, is a thoughtful integration of site-specific and culturally contextual art experiences into public and private spaces within architecture and the landscape.

Our work depends upon many different elements “orchestrated” in a way in which the public is welcomed into and moved by the experience. In the process, we create memorable destinations and exciting new places.

The Story of Murmuration - a Public Art Installation

We believe art should be a part of our daily lives, as a benefit to both mind and soul. Learn more about this nature inspired public art installation for yourself! Watch our video.

From Here to There: High Trestle Trail Bridge Public Art Installation

High Trestle Trail Bridge Artwork

Experience this iconic public art installation for yourself! Watch the video.



The social and economic value of cultural storytelling and Creative Placemaking in your public spaces. Read the full article here.


CODAmagazine: Suspended in Space VI Features "Murmuration" Read More

Beneath the Whispering Maples

CODAmagazine: Placemaking Art II Features "Beneath the Whispering Maples" Read More