Paragon Prairie Tower Completed

R&R Paragon Prairie Tower
“Largest Italian Glass Mosaic Tile Mural in the United States”
In our design concept for the R&R Realty Paragon Prairie Tower at Paragon Business Park, our main objective was to create a major icon and cultural landmark for the State of Iowa. We wanted to create a dynamic symbol to tell of the accomplishments and aspirations of the people of Iowa and the Midwest.

The tower pays homage to the history of the native Iowa prairie. The image is clad of state-of-the-art Italian glass mosaic tile. The base of the column integrates a frieze of prairie grass in modeled relief. The column and Plaza incorporates dramatic lighting effects. Four story plaques on the plaza tell the importance and history of the tower and the surrounding landscape.
For images and additional information, visit our web page.

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