Omaha RDG Office Recognized As Best Place To Work

Design is our business, people are our passion.
As a corporation, we can only provide as much value to our projects and our community as the value our employees create. As the recipient of the 2010 top 5 Best Places to Work award among Omaha’s medium-sized companies, RDG is honored to accept this award that coins us “one of the best in Omaha”.

RDG’s goal is to encourage and provide opportunities for our staff to adopt a series of lifestyles that allow them to achieve balance to their home, work and public lives. Lifestyles that maintain their value as good designers, commitment to sustainable decisions, living a healthy lifestyle, continuous learning, embracing new technology, and all the while having some fun! Helping to achieve RDG’s goal is participation in the Best Places to Work survey.
The best places to work survey is an annual initiative of Baird Holm, LLP, and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, that provides an opportunity for employers to learn more about the engagement and satisfaction of their staff through an online employee survey. “This survey is another opportunity to help shape the future of RDG,” says John Birge. “It is very helpful to our firm in understanding how everyone feels about the overall direction of the firm and its leadership. It also gives us a year-to-year scorecard on how we are doing,” says Birge.
Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge
The survey, conducted through Quantum Workplace, lends its proprietary employee survey methodology and survey software for the nominees in each competition. As a result of the survey data, Quantum uses analytical tools to rank the top organizations in small, medium and large-sized companies.
RDG SWB first participated in the Best Places to Work survey in 2005. That same year, RDG was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work top 5 medium-sized companies in Omaha. Since then, RDG has participated in the survey every year and has used survey results to implement programs that address issues or concerns raised by employees during the survey process. Areas addressed through the years include additional benefit programs such as: SimplyWell, Employee Assistance Programs and financial and emotional health education presentations, among others. Improved communication tools between employees and management and sustainability programs have also been implemented.
Another perk in participating in the Best Places to Work survey is being recognized among our clients. “Our desire to work with clients who share the same value system that we do is exhibited through the fact that they are recognized in the same category that we are,” says Birge referring to our client Vetter Health Services who was awarded first place
in our same size category for companies with 50-250 employees.
RDG was recognized, along with the other top companies, May 6th 2010 at the Best Places to Work Awards Luncheon at the Qwest Center Omaha.

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