High Trestle Bridge Wins National Lighting Award

IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) awarded the “From Here to There” High Trestle Trail Bridge Artwork Lighting with a national Merit Award.

The design awards were presented at the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) banquet in Minneapolis / St. Paul in November. IES Illumination Awards provides a unique opportunity for public recognition of the professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design based upon the individual merit of each entry judged against specific criteria.
The “From Here to There” High Trestle Trail Bridge art installation is a unique combination of lighting, art, and architecture. A half-mile bridge spanning the Des Moines River Greenbelt between Madrid and Woodward, Iowa is home to the artwork which includes two 48 feet tall vertical monoliths with hand crafted coal tiles; angled metal cribbing and dramatic lighting. People enjoy the amplified experience created by the lighting at all hours of the day and night – including pedestrians partaking in midnight picnics on the bridge and evening bike traffic.
Blue LED edgelit metal “cribs” rotate in 15° increments along the axis of the walkway, creating implied motion and giving the effect of walking down a mine shaft, an integral part of local industry. Originally designed to extend across the entire bridge, the crib locations were reduced to directly above the river extents, making the pedestrians conscious where the water is without having to look down. The focused experience contains the viewer inside the “cribs,” immersing them within the story.
The project has been universally embraced by the public with an incredible number of users. Read more about the project.

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