John Knox Village: Taking Health Care to a New Level

The John Knox Village Board of Directors approved a new state-of-the-art building, THE GREEN HOUSE® residences at The Village and the renovations of the current Health Center which will transform how Elders are cared for in Florida.

This $34-plus million skilled nursing care center will be located on the northwest corner of The Village’s 65-acre campus, where our walking trail is currently located along 3rd Street.

THE GREEN HOUSE residences at John Knox Village will be the first skilled nursing care center in the State of Florida to adopt THE GREEN HOUSE model, core values and practices.

“This project ensures our ability to fulfill our health care contract with our residents at the level and quality of care they expect from us,” said Board Chairman William Knibloe, II. “Further, it provides for our employees the opportunity to be part of the most important development and progressive care giving to seniors existing today.”

The building, designed by RDG Planning & Design, will have a total of seven floors and 144 private rooms. Six of the floors are designated for residential living, and the ground floor features a community area complete with a multi-purpose room, dining bistro and rehab center. Each residential floor will have two “homes”. Each home has 12 private bedrooms and bathrooms surrounding a hearth-living room, kitchen and dining area.



The next steps in the project include completing the Design Development for THE GREEN HOUSE residences and schematic design for the renovation of our current Health Center. Our current Health Center will be the new home for our Village Glen (memory care) residents, and assisted living residents with early memory loss. John Knox Village remains committed to educating its staff on the best practices to care for Elders and THE GREEN HOUSE philosophy, core values and practices to ensure that that Elders reach their highest potential at every stage of life.

“This project will guarantee that John Knox Village is prepared to provide the residents the highest quality health care available in the immediate and distant future,” Leip said.

According to Robert Scharmann, JKV President and CEO, the tentative goal is to plan a potential Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new Health Center in July of 2014, and receive the Certificate of Occupancy by October 2015. “These are exciting days for John Knox Village,” Mr. Scharmann said. “We will change how health care can be provided for elders in Florida.”



Originally published:
“Taking Health Care to a New Level” John Knox Village Voice, Vol. 37, No.

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