Bicycling is Good for Business

We are a Gold Level: Bicycle Friendly Business. But more importantly we are advocates for cycling, health, and sustainability.

What started as a grassroots effort within RDG has grown into a strong bike culture making investments in our workplace and the community. As planners and designers we care about the built environment and how people interact with it, and work to create safer roads, stronger communities and a more bicycle-friendly environment.
Bicycling helps create a more energized, alert and productive employee and we are committed to fostering that environment, with office amenities, organized rides, and commuter challenges – RDG is profiled as part of a feature article in the Apr-May issue of American Bicyclist magazine titled “Bicycle Friendly America: How We Did It”; highlighting tips on how to become a bicycle friend business. We are proud to be included with communities like the City of San Francisco, University of Maryland, and Microsft, also featured in the article for their bicycle friendly environments.
Here’s how we foster a biking culture: TopTen.pdf
To learn more about the League of American Bicyclists click here

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