PV System On Tour!

Electrical Engineer, Mike Chambers explains the photovoltaic array at The World Food Prize Hall of Laureates to Congressman David Young and others.  The tour of photovoltaic arrays in the Des Moines metro area was hosted by Steve Falck from the Environmental Law and Policy Center as a way of educating politicians about the benefits of renewable energy.  The World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, one of four locations visited, is a beautifully restored and renovated historic building, as well as a model for sustainability.

The incorporation of a 28.4kW, grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) array contributed directly to this facilities’ ability to attain a LEED Platinum certification. The PV array’s annual output is estimated at 37,700kWh resulting in annual energy savings of approximately $3,300.00.  The array consists of 90 318W PV panels installed at a low tilt angle of 13 degrees so as not to conflict with the historic architecture of the building.

World Food Prize_Kun_Ext_West H2
Other energy saving systems in the facility include a geothermal heat-pump system and custom, energy efficient reproductions of historic lighting fixtures.

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