The Woodlands Grand Opening

This morning, the highly-anticipated grand opening of The Woodlands at John Knox Village will take place in a celebration with residents, state and local officials, and senior care industry professionals. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, The Woodlands is the state’s first Green House Project, a Life Plan Community based on three core values: Meaningful Life in a Real Home provided by Empowered Staff.

The first Green House facility to be initiated by resident involvement, The Woodlands’ sense of community and dedication to maintaining a superior model of care sets it far apart from other choice facilities.

“One of the best things about this project was working with the residents,” said project architect and Green House design expert Scott Pfeifer. “They were instrumental in bringing The Green House® Project philosophy to John Knox Village, and highly involved in the design process. The most important part of creating The Woodlands, as with every Green House project, was making it ‘home’ for the elders, the ones who matter most. We asked, “What would you do in your own home?” and incorporated those answers here.”

Thoughtfully planned to protect elders’ privacy, honor their personal choices, and assure their dignity, design of The Woodlands has eliminated the institutional ‘feel’ of a hospital or rehabilitation facility and created a home, which is the fundamental philosophy of The Green House® Project.

Situated on the northwest corner of the 70-acre campus approximately 40 miles north of Miami, the $34 million project will serve the more than 900 John Knox Village residents and those individuals in the community requiring greater levels of care. The innovative, private home-style 144-suite residence includes the Palm Bistro, the Rejuvenation Salon & Spa, the Wellness Center, rehabilitation services, and the Life Enrichment Center available for social gatherings and other occasions. While the main floor is reserved for common and social areas, the remaining six floors each have two Green House homes with 12 private bedroom suites with personal bathrooms surrounding a hearth living room, open kitchen, and dining room. Along with the elders of The Woodlands, the main floor will serve the needs of all residents of John Knox Village, providing socialization spaces to the entire community and helping to integrate The Woodlands elders into the campus.


Elders and staff of The Woodlands at John Knox Village

Elders in each home will be cared for by dedicated Shahbazim (Shahbaz is singular), certified nursing assistants trained to go above and beyond protecting, sustaining, and nurturing in order to develop deep and knowing relationships with the elders and their family members. One of the most compelling and interactive features of a Green House® Project is participation; if able, the elders (and their family members) can become as involved as they wish with daily activities including housekeeping, laundry, and helping prepare the fresh gourmet meals in their homes.

The first-of-its kind Life Plan Community in Florida to adopt The Green House® Project model, The Woodlands at John Knox Village will be used as a training environment and operational model for other future planned homes across the country incorporating The Green House® Project philosophy. The Woodlands was designed by RDG Planning & Design architects John Birge, Scott Pfeifer, Kevin Ruff, Scott Horn, Terry Johnson, Dave Heuring, and Dennis Wismer. The Weitz Company served as the construction manager, and William Gallo, of Gallo Herbert Architects, worked with John Knox Village as the Owner’s Authorization Representative.

Learn more about John Knox Village.

Read more about today’s grand opening ceremony.

Hear more from elders and staff in an extended video from John Knox Village.

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