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Experiential Learning Trends in Simulation Space Design

What: International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) conference
When: June 14-18, 2016
Title: Experiential Learning Trends in Simulation Space Design

Health science education is increasingly trending towards learning environments reflective of real-world healthcare settings. A holistic understanding of various nursing disciplines and how they’re interconnected to other healthcare professions is desirable when considering the ultimate goal of providing the best in patient care. Recently, our Academic Health Science team spoke to attendees of the 2016 INACSL conference regarding this trend.

Leveraging the expertise of a simulation expert and an architect experienced in simulation center design, this interactive session allowed attendees to develop an understanding of integrating interdisciplinary learning and simulation requirements into the design of existing facilities. Attendees examined how to repurpose current spaces to meet learner needs while achieving the desired outcomes of the educational programs for which the spaces are designed.

The session discussed a process based upon an institutional vision and supported by pedagogy, user profiles, desired learning outcomes, and the educational program itself, for using existing space to produce an effective and efficient active learning environment. Speakers answered the following: How is active learning space developed to support specific types of simulation? How can common simulation spaces meet the needs of interdisciplinary users? What works, and what doesn’t, based on individual simulation needs? Attendees broke into teams, working together to model interdisciplinary simulation spaces based on best practices in interdisciplinary and simulation-based education.

More about INACSL

2016 INACSL conference website

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