University of Oregon Student Recreation Center Achieves LEED Platinum

Congratulations to the University of Oregon, as they currently have the largest LEED Platinum Student Recreation Center in the country! Not an easy feat!  At 191,161 square-feet – it is ONE of  only TWO LEED Platinum Student recreation centers in the country with natatoriums.  While the Student Recreation Center (SRC) expansion and renovation knits together an existing WPA Physical Education building, and an existing undersized Student Recreation building, it has many sustainable features.  The facility exceeds State Energy Efficient Design (SEED) standards, targeting the UO Model of Sustainable Development of 35% more energy efficient than Oregon Energy Code requirements.

U-Oregon SRC Exp & Reno_KZ-Leisure Pool C_2

This facility uses only 43% of the energy, and 34% of the potable water when compared to its peers. Here are other innovative features within this facility:

  • Potable water (waste conveyance – i.e. toilets and urinal) offset 100%, 643,000 gallons of water saved per year.
  • Irrigation offset 100% – 156,000 gallons saved per year.
  • Old pool was converted into a cistern to collect rainwater is used to flush toilets and for irrigation.
  • Sustainable heating/cooling systems (radiant heat/chilled beams) provide energy savings that are cost effective.
  • Captured waste heat from campus steam tunnel provides heat to the building and pool.
  • Solar thermal and PV systems provide energy resources to the building, or back into the grid.

U-Oregon SRC Exp & Reno_KZ-Rainwater Cistern Cover B_2

The SRC is designed with the end goal of educating, engaging and inspiring the campus community to live sustainable and active lives, both now and into the future. This facility is quickly garnering it’s share of recognition as a standout sports and recreation venue; with a 2016 NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facility award and a featured article in Campus Rec Magazine.

For more sustainable details on SRC, click here.

To see more images of the project, click here.

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