New School of Dentistry advances the mission of Creighton University

Creighton University School of Dentistry is strongly committed to sustaining more than a century-long history as a national resource in dental education, with a legacy of graduating the best-prepared, practice-ready general dentists. Multiple programming efforts over the past 10 years – each building upon the last to refine and validate the School’s mission, vision, and facility program – have revealed several obstructions to the long-term continued use of the current facility, as well as constraints to the progress of curriculum and the capability of the School to capitalize on the potential for increased class size. Through the analysis of the existing Boyne Building, Creighton University Medical Center, and three potential new building sites, the success of the School of Dentistry and the Campus Master Plan led the project in the direction of a new building.

Built on the momentum of this exciting process, the School of Dentistry, through an executive steering committee, six working groups, and a visioning team, defined three overarching goals:
• Create a state-of-the-art facility for educating students and serving the community
• Philosophically align with the Jesuit and Catholic University mission of Creighton University
• Develop a Strategic Facility Plan for the School of Dentistry that is both quantitative and qualitative

The new facility will allow the School to modestly expand enrollment, help recruit the best students, and recruit and retain the best dental faculty. Bridging the gap between current restrictions and the vibrant future awaiting the next generation of dental education, the larger and more technologically advanced facility will allow the School to answer the growing demands of Creighton’s dental education program, patient needs, and the dental profession nationally. Through design integration of creativity, innovation, the latest advanced treatment approaches, and emerging dental technology, the vast capabilities of the facility will enhance Creighton’s mission of educational excellence, service, and scholarship.

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The new School of Dentistry facility serves as the first update and modernization of the School since 1973, when the Boyne School of Dentistry opened. RDG Planning & Design has been a proud partner in this endeavor, facilitating and leading the University and School of Dentistry to implement a vision set in motion over a decade ago.

In tremendous demand, the Creighton University School of Dentistry program receives more than 2,200 dental student applications for 85 currently available first-year positions. The future projected enrollment capacity in the new facility is 115 students per year. Upon completion, the School will be able to serve significantly more than the over 12,000 patients annually seen today. The design positions the School to be the preeminent higher-educational facility for dental education in the country, further advancing the mission of Creighton University.

Facility details
• Four levels totaling approximately 267,000 square feet
• 138 adult clinic operatory chairs
• 10 surgery and six acute care operatories with provision for 24/7 care services
• 13 faculty practice operatories
• 15 pediatric/orthodontic operatories
• Full basement: approximately 43,000 square feet of enclosed structured parking for faculty, plus additional associated general/mechanical/electrical building infrastructure support spaces and facility/equipment storage needs

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