2016 AIA Nebraska Design Awards

For nearly 60 years, the Nebraska Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has celebrated outstanding architecture through its Excellence in Design program. At the 2016 AIA Nebraska Excellence in Design Gala, held September 29 in Lincoln during the organization’s annual conference, RDG was thrilled and honored to receive two awards from the organization: an Architectural Merit Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Excellence in Architecture – Early Learning Center at Skinner; and an Architectural Honor Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Excellence in Detail – Mead Atlas Readiness Center.



The Mead Atlas Readiness Center project site was formerly home to missile launching facilities, the history of which became influential in the conceptual development of this new facility. Adding richness to the space are military themes throughout the design, using patterns, texture, and layering techniques borrowed from military influences. Light and shadow were a primary tool for communicating these ideas spatially, and color was infused to recall familiar military motifs. From the jury:

“A clever example of artfully considered defensive architecture. The dappled light effect of the digi-camo pattern line of sight defense on interior space is both brilliant camouflage and spatial poetry, fitting the mission of the organization without seeming contrived. The fabrication and installation of the metals panels is impeccable.”



The Early Learning Center at Skinner uses architecture to support the concurrent delivery of both care and education, providing disadvantaged children with a safe environment in which to gain confidence by engaging in physical, social, and emotional interactions with their world in age-appropriate spaces and playgrounds influenced by nature. From the jury:

“Within what appears to be a modest budget the architects have delivered a high quality project. A very elegant box with subtle geometric moves, the project shows mastery in manipulating the metal and wood clad awnings, transforming a rather ordinary building into a pleasant surprise. The development and consistent use of a prototypical classrooms within a straightforward circulation pattern is refreshing to see. Interior spaces are sophisticated yet playful.”

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