RDG Videos on CODAworx Top Ten List

RDG Planning & Design is honored to have two videos selected as CODAworx Top 10. These projects are featured work for the 2016 CODAvideo: Magazine Editions, published in CODAmagazine, the CODAvideo program recognizes the best videos that tell the stories of commissioned art projects. Our videos are selected from a pool of over 127 national and international entries to the 2016 CODAvideo: Magazine Program.

“LIFT”, the Art-in-transit installation for a new Iowa Department of Transportation rest area in Adair County, Iowa, is featured as a Top 10 video for the CONCEPT edition. The best videos in this category delve into the concepts behind the project, highlighting the decisions made and their outcomes. These videos highlight the “why” in making decisions around the design, location, materials, and other factors to creating the final commissioned artwork.

RDG’s artwork entitled “LIFT” is based on the evolutionary design of a bird’s wing, the same scientific principle of physics that propels a wind turbine blade, the project interprets the story of wind energy production in Iowa. In a bold and innovative solution, a full-scale commercially made industrial turbine blade has become a monumental destination icon for the state. The lighted blade, extending over 165 feet in the air, can be seen from nearly a mile away. The video captures the story of wind farming, the idea driving the design, making it fun, entertaining, and educational at the same time. Integration allows the public to become part of the story and share it with others.

To Watch the video click here:

To read more about the project click here:

Our second project recognized as a Top 10 video for CODAworx EXPERIENCE edition is the “From Here to There: The High Trestle Trail Bridge”. The best videos in this category are able to transport the viewer into the project’s space and capture the fleeting moments behind experiencing a piece for the first time. “There’s nothing quite like experiencing a commissioned art piece in person, but these videos are a close second”.

The “From Here to There,” for the High Trestle Trail Bridge, is both a physical and symbolic connection to the fifth longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the country. The bridge, over a half mile long spanning the Des Moines River Valley, connects over 600 miles of trail in central Iowa. Based on coal mining history and geology of the area, the site-specific installation creates a meaningful “Art-in-Transit” experience and sculptural icon for people from across the country.  Our video shares that individual experience you have crossing the bridge, day or night.

To view the video click here:

To read more details about the design and process of this project click here:

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